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Why Beco?

The Beco series by Vaptio is a range of disposable e-cigarettes for vapers that want a simpler alternative to traditional rechargeable and refillable starter vape kits. Our Beco disposables come in 10 mg and 20 mg nicotine salt options and more than 20 exciting flavours — more than enough variety to satisfy discerning enthusiast vapers and flavour chasers alike. The Beco series offers up to 550 puffs per disposable, with each hit providing consistent taste and no flavour fade from the first to the last puff. 

Our full selection of Beco disposables, including the new Beco Mate, Beco Bar and Beco XL, can be purchased from our partner network of online retailers and stores across the UK. 

Safe, portable and convenient — the Vaptio Beco way.