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The Beco series of disposable e-cigarettes by Vaptio is sold at our partner network of leading online vape shops and physical vape stores across the United Kingdom.

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Vaptio Beco prides itself on providing high-quality vaping products to our customers around the world. Since 2014, we’ve invested heavily in cutting-edge technologies and creative product design to ensure our customers and partner e-cigarette distributors get the best and most innovative products possible.

Why Become a Beco Supplier?

All Vaptio Beco products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, adhering to regulations and strict quality control standards. When you order the Beco series of disposable vapes, you can rest assured that each product variant is guaranteed to be TPD compliant and ready to be sold in the UK and the European Union.

Our in-house compliance and legal teams are here to ensure we comply with all local laws and regulations where our products are sold and distributed. We’re committed to giving our partner suppliers and wholesalers the peace of mind that they’re carrying products that have been tested to be safe and reliable.

Disposable Vapes Designed by Humans, for Humans

As vaping enthusiasts ourselves, we designed the Beco series of vape devices to have the functionality we’ve always wanted from disposable e-cigarettes. That’s simplicity, convenience and a true grab and vape experience. 

As one of our wholesalers and distributors, you’ll get access to our knowledge and experience. The Vaptio Beco team will help you select the best range of vaping products for your brand’s customer base. We’ll go above and beyond for our partner retailers, providing our signature brand of customer service and support.

Get Exclusive Pricing and Fantastic Value

Helping you understand what your customers want is just one aspect of what you get from being a Beco distributor. Vaptio Beco will also provide the best wholesale prices on our product line, allowing you to maximise profits while satisfying your customers’ needs. 

Our dedicated sales team is here to walk you through our exclusive pricing schemes and provide critical product advice to help you integrate the Beco series of disposable vapes into your catalogue. As a Beco wholesaler and distributor, we’ll help you get maximum value from your investment. 

To learn more about becoming a Vaptio Beco distributor or wholesaler, fill out the contact form above or contact us at [email protected] Our customer sales team will get back to you within two to three business days.