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Beco Mate Lush Ice

Beco Mate — Largest Puffs Disposable under TPD

Our Latest Innovation for Beco Family

The Vaptio Beco Mate is the latest member of the Beco disposable family. Like Beco Bar which is incredibly popular in the UK, Beco Bar provides 20+ flavours, and the taste of them is magnificent. And most importantly, the flavour will not fade from the first to the last puff. Some of you may taste burnt flavour or faded flavour from 200 puffs or even earlier, but for Beco Mate, each hit of it provides consistent taste.

The cotton we adopted is 100% natural and organic. The design of the airway is short, so the ejuice enters faster than other similar devices. As for the coil, it’s horizontal. Along with the short airway design, you can enjoy the pure and rich flavour out of Beco Mate.

Hands-free Vaping Experience

Like smoking, you can easily hold Beco Mate between your lips. It’s light enough, so you’ll literally have a cig like experience. It can not only relieve you from smoke habit in nicotine, but also can create a feeling that you are actually smoke cigarettes because of the light and compact design.

Exclusive Flavours are coming!

There are 10 flavours for Beco Mate currently, which are more of classic flavour. We are sure that you can find several flavours which you like a lot. But it’s only the first batch of flavours. More than 10 flavours will be coming in the second batch. There will be some exclusive and amazing flavours that you can only find in Vaptio like Elderflower Cordial or Lychee Sakura.

First batch of flavours:

Premium Menthol⁣⁣
Honey Melon⁣⁣
Golden Tobacco⁣⁣
Blueberries Raspberries⁣⁣
Strawberry Burst⁣⁣
Crisp Apple⁣⁣
Green Grape⁣⁣
Mango Ice⁣⁣
Banana Ice⁣⁣
Luch Ice

Second batch:

Pina Colada
Citrus Mojito
Peach Green Tea
Energy Drink
Fizzy Cola Ice
Coffee Ice
Elderflower Cordial
Lychee Sakura⁣⁣

Check out our product page to discover our full range of disposable vapes and find the right device for you.

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