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Beco XL

Flavour-Packed Vaping for Flavour Chasers.

For flavour chasers that want the ultimate flavour experience, the Beco XL has you covered. Featuring a premium,
glossy stainless steel frame, the Beco XL delivers 2.0 ml of Vaptio e-liquid and up to 550 puffs per disposable device.
  • Premium Stainless
    Steel Finish
  • Up to 550 Puffs
  • 210 Exciting Flavour
  • Leakproof Design
  • LED Indicator
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Premium, Stainless Steel Construction

The Beco XL’s glossy, stainless steel frame gives this disposable e-cigarette a sleek and eye-catching design from all angles. Big in both size and good looks, the Beco XL won’t look out of place in your purse or tech bag.

XL vape design

Reliable Leakproof Design

Get the convenience of a disposable e-cigarette in a premium vape stick. The Beco XL’s steel frame carries a highly durable PCTG tube secured by two rubber covers on both ends to prevent the nicotine e-liquid from leaking. Safe, reliable and convenient vaping.

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Available in More Than 15 Exciting Flavours

Beco XL vape


  • Cig-a-like Experience

  • 2.0ml Vaptio E-liquid Capacity

  • Up to 550 Puffs

Size: 89.9*14.5*14.5 mm
Puffs: Up to 550 puffs
Battery: 400mAh
TPM: 4-5
Capacity: 2.0ml Vaptio e-liquid capacity
LED Indicator: Blue
Heating Element: Ni80/Cr20+Cotton